Gypsum Plaster or Jointing Plaster M200 1 kg.

    Use For
  • Interior Decoration
  • Plastering Joint, Corner
  • Fix Any Interior Defective
  • Drywall work

    How to Mix

Proportion M200:Water

2:1 by Weight / 3:1 by Volume

Mix M200 powder with water and stir it until it has become sticky or thick. (This mixture can be use within 60 minutes.)

    How to Use

Use M200 to plastering and wait for it to dry (it’s may occur a little shrinkage) then do the mixing again and do the finish plastering after it dry use sandpaper to scrub it before painting.


Close the bag and keep it in dry place, Gypsum Plaster M200 Can be kept within 6 months.